Tibetan Mastiff

About Tibetan Mastiff Dog Breed:

This breed weighs equal to about 20 chihuahas.Its a huge furry dog.They were brought from Europe.Their bark is very strong.Because of their larger size they have larger vocal chords and lungs.It has striking similarity in its appearance with a lion.They are loving and protective but dont like strangers.However because of globalozation now as other parts of the world is also taking Tibetan Mastiffs they are now being bred with low quality dogs. Hence their quality is getting deteriorated.

Looks- They are heavily built.They have a curled plumed tail.Their long double coat is heavy on the neck.

Habitat- They adapt well in cool and dry climate.They need alot of space to live so they are not well suited for appartments.

Health- They can have hip dysplasia and skin problems.

Grooming- They need proper grooming during spring and fog as this time their hair shed heavily.They require brushing.

Average age- They have a long life

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Also see:Tibetan Mastiff PuppiesTibetan Mastiff Pictures

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About Tibetan Mastiff 

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