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The Schnauzer is an old breed from Germany. In German, Schnauze means 'muzzle', and no name better suits this bushy haired dog with its full moustache. The Germans admired the Standard Schnauzer, but needed a larger dog to help them to drive cattle and sheep to the markets. So they bred bigger dogs to the Standard, including the black Great Dane and some local cattle and sheep dogs.

The Giant Schnauzer has a dense, wiry coat, either black or salt and pepper. The Giant Schnauzer is stronger and more robust than the Standard dog. The breed has more gentleman like qualities. However when Miniature Schnauzer get together they are hardly gentlemen. In group they are known to howl alot. This breed originated in Germany. They are amongst the most lovable, enthusiastic of all of the dog breeds. Their distinctive muzzle is what separates them from the other breeds. They have exceptional hearing. They are sometimes teamed up with German Shepherds to guard property where they bark and alert the German Shepherd.

Looks: They have wiry coat.

Habitat: They are very adaptable. They do well in almost any environment.

Health- Heart and Eye problems are common in this breed.

Grooming- Their wiry coat requires daily grooming.

Average Age- They live between 12-15 years of age.

Size- They are about 36 cm tall and weighs around 5.4-9.1 kg.

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Also see:Schnauzer PuppiesSchnauzer Pictures

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