About Pomeranian Dog Breed:

Pomeranian is also called the Pom.They are smart, excited and energetic.They have a cute little face.They are very athletic dogs.They actually have the traits of a big dog in a small package.They want lots of attention and pampering.They bark too much.They are happy go lucky dogs. They just love human company. His nick name, Pom, comes from this province and also describes his resemblance to a pom pom on a winter cap.

Size- They weigh around 5-6 pounds.

Looks- They have puffed ball like fur.They have abundant double fur with long hard textured outer coat and dense and soft inner coat.They have triangle shaped ears which gives them a foxy look.They have a largely feathered tail which is always set high.

Habitat- They are very adaptable and can live almost in any environment but they need exercise.

Average Age- They live 12-15 years.

Health- They can have as a puppy early tooth loss so they should be given dry fruits for a good health.They can also have slipping knee caps.

Grooming-They shed constantly hence they need to be combed daily.

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Also see:Pomeranian PuppiesPomeranian Pictures

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