About Mastiff Dog Breed:

This breed is known for its speed.Its a very hyper dog.They are filled with energy and are independent.They originated in England.This breed was named after the hunter John Russell.They have sensitive skin.They have great bonds and friendship with humans.They are good for adults.Its a very intelligent dog.

Looks- They have small v shaped ears.They have two coat textures- smooth and rough.These coats are weatherproof.They can either be white or white mixed with some other colours.They have narrow chest.

Habitat- They can adjust in any type of environment and can even live in appartments.

Grooming- Their grooming is easy and have low shedding.

Size- They are about 12 inches.

Average Age- They live upto 15 years.

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Also see:Mastiff PuppiesMastiff Pictures

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About Mastiff 

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