About Labradoodle Dog Breed:

Its a designer dog.Its a crossbreed between a Labrador and a Poodle.They originates from Australia and was developed in 1988 .They are not hyperallergenic.They are an intelligent breed so they are very easy to train.They are very social and good with kids.As they are a mix breed dog you can never be certain that which all characteristics of the parents will manifest. Like Poodles, the Labradoodles can also be Standard. Medium or Miniature in size. Their temperament depends lagrely on the Labrador or Poodle depending on the breeding. But generally they are even tempered.

Looks-They have broad head.Their eyebrows are very well defined.They have different colour coats but the coat type are of three types- straight, Wavy or fleece and the most curliest that is wool.

Habitat- They can live in any kind of space small or large.

Health- They can have hip dysplasia along with some eye problem also.

Average age- They live between 12 to 14 years.

Grooming- Its a low maintenance dog as it shed very less. It needs less bathing.

Size- They can come in three size- Standard, Medium and Miniature.Males are about 24 inches while females are 23 inches and they weigh around 65 pounds.

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Also see:Labradoodle PuppiesLabradoodle Pictures

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