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These dogs resembles to hot dogs.They originates from Germany. They were battle dogs. They have a very sensitive nose.Its a very courageous dog.They are stubborn.He's not a well suited dog for family with children.

This dog is a bundle of contrasts. It's stubby legs are out of all proportion to its long body. It is a mischievous, affectionate companion dog, yet it displays extraordinary courage and endurance as a hunter. And its bark-ferocious enough to frighten off a prowler- is gargantuan in comparison to its diminutive size.

Despite the English mistranslation of the word hund as hound, the Dachshund is arguably a terrier- a dog that can go to ground and crawl into an animal's lair and drag its prey out. Badger dogs of some type have existed since the 1400s.The Dachshund as a specific breed has been around since the early 1600s. He is a digger so that he could dig his way into the badger's underground den. He is low and long so that he could fit inside the den to go after the bedger. He is an eager hunter.He also loves to play and clown around.He is happy in the city or country, as long as he gets his daily exercise.Because of his long back, he shouldn't be allowed to jump from heights, including furniture.

Looks- They have 3 coats smooth, wild and long hair.Their legs are short while their paws are strong and webbed like.

Size- They come in 2 sizes standard and Minituare.

Average Age- They live upto 15 years.

Health- Their long body can make them prone to issues of spine.

Grooming- The shorter haird ones need no care but the longer haired ones needs to be combed.

Habitat- They can adapt well in all areas.

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Also see:Dachshund PuppiesDachshund Pictures

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