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About Bichon Frise Dog Breed:

Bichon Frise in other words means small curly haired dog.It comes from France.Earlier they were used as a circus dog.They just simply love attention.It has a very charming personality.They are very intelligent so they can learn the tricks very easily.It can very well adjust in family with children.

The Bichon Frise became well known to the Italian nobility in the 1300s; in the 1500s the Bichon became a favorite of French kings and nobles, who doused him with perfume and tied ribbons into his coat. In the 1700s the French Revolution ended the royalty, but the Bichon remained.He happily joined forces with the common people and became a companion to organ grinders as well as the blind.

Since the 14
th century when it was brought to Europe from the Canary Islands, this playful powder puff has charmed countless generations with its tricks and its lively, almost human expression. Very much in vogue in the 16th century France, this breed paraded happily through the royal appartments together with another highly prized bichon, the Maltese. When it was no longer a court favourite, it pranced with equal zest in the circus ring.Today the breed is especially popular in Italy, France, Great Britain, and throughout North America.

Looks- They have short legs and sturdy structure.They have a beautiful lush double coat.They are usually white or ice white. Their undercoat is soft and thick, the outer coat is curly and stiffer.It is trimmed evenly to show the natural outline of the dog. Hair on the ears, face, and tail is left longer. His powderpuff coat does not shed, but does require a daily brushing. He should be white with a black nose and big dark eyes.

Grooming- Their coat is odourless and non shedding.They need a lot of grooming.Their grooming can be expensive.Its coat needs very special attention.

Health-They are one of the healthiest breeds.

Average Age- They live upto 20 years.

Habitat- They can adapt well in all types of types of temperatures.

Size- They are about 11 inch tall and weighs 12 pounds.

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Also see:Bichon Frise PuppiesBichon Frise Pictures

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About Bichon Frise 

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