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Its a cheerful, small dog breed, with alot of mischief and love to give. With its black eyes and white fluffy coat it looks almost like a child's toy. Its the most happiest and enthusiastic companion you can have. Their looks make them a very appealing breed. They are small dogs but they are hardy. Despite their mini size they are not classified as a toy breed. Instead they are members of the non sporty breed. If you are looking for a wonderful family pet, consider this dog. This dog loves to play. He's always happy and affectionate and gentle. If you are allergic prone then this breed is good for you as they don't shed. This dog loves to play.

They have the reputaion of suffering from separational anxiety. So if you may have to leave your dog home alone for a long time this may not be the dog for you. If you live in an apartment this breed is for you because of their small size. But remember that they have lot of energy and so they need daily exercise. So you should have that time to spend with them. While training them you need to be firm but also gentle. You should be ready to give them obedience training. They will require your time, so if you are too pre occuped with your work, this is not the dog for you

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