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About Australian Shepherd Dog Breed:

They are American dogs.They are great dogs.They need alot of exercise.They need space for running around.Usually they are used for herding the sheeps and cattle.They love to work.They are not very agressive but when they have nothing to do they become bored and agressive.They are really very happy when they have a job to do.If someone likes being competetive then this dog is the best.It's a no nonsense dog.Native Americans consider these dogs sacred.Its also called the ghost eyed dog.They can live in all climates.

Health- They are generally healthy dogs but Sometimes they can get hip dysplasia

Grooming-Because of their heavy hair they can have tigs and bugs, so grooming them is very necessary.

Average Age- They live about 15 years.

The Cute Mini Australian Shepherds (By: Best breed Ever)

In 1968, Doris Cordova of california began breeding Australian Shepherds down in size, creating Mini Australian Shepherds. They are about half the size of Australian Shepherds. But don't go on their size as they can do the same amount of work . The Miniatures still have the breed's trademark instinct for herding. Even though they are named Australian, their ancestors are more likely from the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain or France. They are prone to health problems like blindness.

They are great for active families.They require weekly brushing.They are about 14- 18 inches tall. They are good with other pets. They do well in any type of climate and have a lot of high energy. They live upto 12 years on average.

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Also see:Australian Shepherd PuppiesAustralian Shepherd Pictures

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