American Staffordshire Terrier

About American Staffordshire Terrier Dog Breed:

This breed originated in England. They were crossed between Bull dogs and working Terriers. When they first began they were used for fighting bears. Once this was eliminated they became a show dog and a family pet. They are also known as Amstaff. These dogs came to America in 1870.They have a wonderful temperament. They can tolerate children very well. They are wonderful with children. They can be made to be a guard dog. They do have a natural guarding instinct. Mostly a home protector, they require guard dog training. They will protect you from intruders if necessary.

They are a very low maintenance dogs. This breed will just need good brushing once a week. Also their nails should be trimmed. The can become couch potatoes but when taken for exercise they will do it well also. They are wonderful dogs to train.They learn very quickly, but as they are strong dog and they have a very strong will, they need the basic obedience training.

Looks: They have a smooth coat and and come in many colours.

Health- They can be prone to diseases like Elbow dysplasia, Hip dysplasia and Thyroid.

Grooming- They have short coat so they need good brushing once a week.

Average Age- They live upto 12 years

Size- They are about 19 inches in height and weighs 60 pounds.

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Also see:American Staffordshire Terrier PuppiesAmerican Staffordshire Terrier Pictures

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About American Staffordshire Terrier 

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