Akita Puppies/ Dogs- Facts to know before Adoption

The Akita was originally born in Northern Japan.They were used as Japanese Gaurd dogs. The temple owners would leave them to gaurd their children. Two grown up Akitas can take down a bear.They are very strong breed. They are good family dog. They should be raised with the family.THey are not good for the familes who are not raised with them.

They require a weekly brushing. Their coat is very easy to look after, no special grooming is required. They loose their coat once a year and they loose all of it. So beware for about 3 weeks while you are brushing you get a couple of garbage bags and then finally you are done. They loose all their undercoat and once that is done, they get their summer coat. So if you are worried about their shedding in the house, they do it only once a year. So if you know how to deal with that and you are fine with it then only go for the Akita.

A heavy breed like this they don't live as long as a small dog does but they can live upto 12 years. Their one wekness is that they are stubborn. They have a tendency to be dominant. So they are not for every pet owner. For Having an Akita you should be willing to be more strong than them. You have to have a certain personality that you dont let the dog walk all over you. Lot of pet owners do that and they get into trouble that way. You are the master, they are the dog, as long as you understand that, there's no problem, you can have an Akita.

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