About Affenpinscher Dog Breed:

Its A Very friendly and lively dog.Its very perky.It's name is also a german name.They are Toy Dog breed. They are funny dog breed.This breed can easily accomodate in an appartment.

- It has a very fluffy face with mustache.It has a monkey like face.They have a height of about 11 inches weighing around 9 pounds.

- They were in earler times usually used to catch rats in homes in Germany. However they are also wonderful watchdogs.

-They are very delicate dogs prone to eyes, teeth and heart issues.They require good daily walk for their well being.

Average Age
- They live for about 12-14 years.

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Affenpinscher PuppiesAffenpinscher Pictures

Affenpinscher Images
Black Affenpinscher

Playful Affenpinscher

Fighter Affenpinscher
Small Affenpinscher
Fluffy Affenpinscher
Playing Affenpinscher
Smiling Affenpinscher
Long Haired Affenpinscher

Also see:Affenpinscher PuppiesAffenpinscher Pictures

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About Affenpinscher 

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